Saturday, 25 January 2014

belt and braces

I acquired and assembled a mobile base for the bandsaw. Model CT183 from Busy Bee easily accomodates the stand using only a single channel piece on each side in the assembly, making it a good deal stiffer than I expected. Due to a ding in one corner of the stand and the variability of stamped metal parts, some bracing (shims?) will be added to keep the machine from rocking slightly.

The electrical cord exited the stand at the bottom front edge and must be re-located to clear the flange of the base's side rails. It was wired directly into the switch (which I have decided to replace) - no screw terminals - so the cord was cut off and pulled from the stand. I'll re-install it in a more sensible spot at the back of the machine later.

The jack-shaft pulleys are so obviously out of line with the input pulley at the base of the saw it's a wonder it ran at all. No surprise that the v-belts were chewed up.

On the subject of belts, I managed to locate an A-36 belt at Princess Auto for $4.00. Despite having a good sized display, there were no A-24's to be had, although A-22 and A-26 were present in quantity. Inquiry revealed that the A-24 size is not carried at all - go figure. I doubt the need to buy Kevlar belts or Link belts for my planned usage frequency and duration, but you never know.

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