Monday, 3 February 2014

service ability

One of the best things about this particular bandsaw is that 1000's and 1000's were made over the years. Slight (annoying) variations exist between batches but, for the most part, spares seem to be largely interchangable.

R&D Bandsaws in Brampton, ON stock a wide array of bandsaw parts in addition to their primary business of making great bandsaw blades. I had a new 93" x 1/2 x 3tpi blade in minutes from coil stock.

Service is great. The staff is very helpful and know all the right questions to ask a customer, along with all the right answers to provide.

With copious help from the boss, I've obtained all of the parts to rework this machine except for the lower driveshaft. We agreed that the area where the bearing collar sits just doesn't look right. I'll be conferring with some machinists tonight re: options. I may not have to make a whole new shaft; a split bushing may suffice.

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