Saturday, 30 May 2015

know sale (or) someone needs a belt

I don't know what possesses some salespeople to act the way they do, especially the technical ones.

A few months ago I went looking for a new 6" or 8" double-ended grinder. I have collected quite a few vintage planes & chisels that will need (substantial) restoration. Many irons are in quite sad shape and will (at least) need a new primary bevel ground. While I am keen to do the final honing by hand, I am not keen on trying to grind away years of abuse to form a new basic bevel manually; I simply don't have that kind of time.

The staff member at the shop didn't so much ask me what I wanted the grinder for as to launch right into a rote diatribe about how to properly sharpen tools. This salesperson stopped just short of flatly refusing to sell me a bench grinder - while sending the clear signal that he considered me an ignorant butcher (or worse) - without bothering to find out any of the reasons I wanted one. I also need one to grind HSS lathe tools, but he didn't make the effort to learn that, either.

Two days ago I went into that shop looking for V-belts. When I asked to peruse their selection, the same fellow immediately demanded of me, "What do you want them for?" I told him I needed some belts to repair an old 'Brand X' drill press. He scowled and told me they didn't sell parts for 'Brand X'. I insisted that he check to see if the two part numbers which were listed on their very own website were in stock. One of them was present and, despite my irritation, I bought it. However if this guy remains employed with this shop I'm going to find somewhere else to spend my discretionary funds.

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