Sunday, 24 May 2015

vintage bits

Thanks to the outstanding generosity of another tools junkie, I now have a few more tools on site.

First is a Keller #1A die filer. No idea what I'll use it for just yet; maybe cleaning up hard-to-reach places on castings? Ideally, I should have a small kick press to go with it :-). The machine's protective belt cover shows "Etobicoke Board of Ed." which I delightfully recall as the employer of my grandfather many years ago.

Second is an elderly, double-ended grinding arbour which I'm told was made from castings and plans in the "Model Engineer" magazine some time in the mid 50s.

Third is an equally old power hacksaw made from a similarly aged plan set. It shuts off automatically when it finishes the cut. A vise holds material steady during the job, and small depressions for oiling are dotted around the machine.

The latter two were well made by the same gentleman (since passed on) and operate respectably. They share the same small, wheeled table for ease of placement. Not a bad arrangement, but my workspace is now completely jammed with these extra machines.

Time to increase the speed of divesting surplus!

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