Saturday, 23 November 2013

2nd life

Taig micro-lathe on its second owner (me). The headstock spindle is bored out to over .375" to accept larger diameter rods. Rear toolpost is a Taig part bought at Lee Valley Tools.

Planned upgrades include a micrometer set-over tailstock, toolpost for a Dremel handpiece, and a longitudinal carriage feed. An indexing plate (20 and 25 holes) is completed and has been installed on the headstock pulley. In use, a block is attached to the top of the headstock and a pin manually engages each index hole in turn.

I must remember to create a rear mounted toolpost for a parting blade. I've been using thinly ground toolbits in the front post simply because I could not find a suitably thin blade for this small machine. I certainly don't want to create twice as much waste in the parting as I do for a small turning...

The micrometer stop has proved unaccepable, as the axis of thrust from the carriage is not along the stop rod; it flexes too much to count on its accuracy. Something else will be done in its place.

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