Tuesday, 19 November 2013

adding to the tool chest(s)

Actually made it to the Tools of the Trades show. 

In the course of wandering around the aisles, I managed to pick up:
- a Mitutoyo 10” vernier height gauge (needs a replacement carbide wedge)
- what appears to be a century old, single bevel broad axe head (a new handle will be a challenge)
- a beefy 1” corner chisel with a newly (and nicely) fitted handle
- four decent quality moulding planes from different manufacturers marked 6,8,12 and 14.
The 6 and 8 will be modified and matched as a pair (8s), and the 12 and 14 likewise (12s).

Fortuitously, I met up with local moulding plane aficionado Nigel and had yet another great chat about plane refurbishing and use. Nigel and I hit it off during a chance meeting at a tool-buying locale last Spring. His comfy workshop is liberally populated with cool planes he's both made and repaired.

Larry Darbyson from Grandpa’s Treasure Chest was present with his usual selection of good tools at fair prices. Overall, I don't recall ever seeing so many metal planes in the Stanley/Bailey style in one place. Although I really didn't need it, I'm now kicking myself for not picking up the 608 that was sitting under a table mid-room.

I also ran into classmate Rob, a keen hand-tool user I met while attendeding some of Steve DerGarabedian's workshops at Lee Valley Tools.

In general, there was a wide selection of both wood working and metal working tools (mostly measuring and marking devices in the latter case). Prices (as always) varied over a wide range, from reasonable to ridiculous. 

Some specialty wood offerings were available for turners and furniture makers. In contrast to previous events in the same venue, lighting was excellent so there was no need for a flashlight just to look into bins and on shelves.

A must-attend event.

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