Sunday, 24 November 2013

amateur? not as such.

I regularly attend meetings of the local "amateur" machinists group. The quality of the stuff they produce is truly phenomenal. It's akin to joining the local amateur operatic society because you belt out "Carmen" in the shower and finding out that Andrea Bocelli is the first singer for the evening.

Frankly, it's a bit embarrassing to show what I've done re: the indexing head for the Taig and a few other minor efforts. Still, it is an inspiring and motivating experience. Each time I go I learn some other tidbit of information that is helpful in fabrication. Some of these guys are real artisans, and they love to share their techniques and tips.

A few of them have attended the N.A.M.E.S. event in Michigan. They report that lots of good bargains are to be had, and a tremendous number of fabulously detailed models are on display.

I remain surprised that there are no local shows of this nature, given the population density and cross-section of interests. The closest Canadian show of similar magnitude is the annual EMES event in Estevan, Saskatchewan. At 1500 miles distance, it won't be one I'm driving to next fall.

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