Sunday, 8 December 2013

extra curricular activities

Luckily I've finished both assignments for the current machinist course ahead of time. Doing so allows me to pursue some small projects of my own. Today I managed to get a good start on some much-needed accessories for the home shop, and do a little side job for a friend.

A small jack for supporting work on the micro-mill (1 of 4 made). The material is 3/4"(atf) 12L14 steel fitted with a 10:32 SHCS. A ball bearing will be pressed into the socket, and the head will be cross drilled for a small tommy bar. The blank "nut" to the right will be made into a miniature c-clamp (set of 4) using a 6:32 or 4:40 screw .

Spacers for the front caliper mount on a Ducati racing bike. These had to be thinned by 50% when a larger brake assembly was purchased. None of the local machine shops would touch this simple task.

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