Sunday, 8 December 2013

lots and none at all

Progress? Not much despite what seems to be continuous activity on my part. More like swimming upstream or running in place. It may be that this is a function of summer weather and the desire to be outside.

I have hopefully solved a temperature problem with the new 90VDC treadmill motor powering the micro lathe headstock; it was getting very warm using the PWM drive controller. I've mounted a 110VAC fan so that it blows directly along the motor's axis, and added some swarf guards to prevent chips from flying onto the floor at the workshop doorway. I will need to add a "tunnel" shroud over the motor itself to prevent chip entry. At some point I will buy a better motor, but the torque of this one is more than sufficient to handle any job I can hold in this lathe.

The KBIC-120 motor controller, barrier terminal & wiring kit, fuses, and giant heatsink were purchased at Canadian Drives in Concord, ON. The staff there were extremely helpful. Now that I've verified functionality, I need to build an enclosure for the drive controller itself; too many exposed electrical terminals for my taste.

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