Sunday, 8 December 2013

surprising service

I recently had occasion to order a couple of hardcover books via Alibris. I chose the vendor a) because the price was reasonable, and b) because they were in Canada so there would be no Customs clearance fee. Shortly after agreeing to the price I was contacted asking for extra funds to cover the shipping; it seems the quoted price was for a single volume. I must admit feeling a little put out by this request but, as the total cost was still going to be reasonable, I agreed.

The package that arrived (swiftly, I might add) was excruciatingly well packed. I immediately realised that this vendor really cares about the handling of books. Each volume was crisply wrapped in its own kraft paper sheath, and the pair were swathed in heavy duty plastic film. The shipping box fitted the volumes without slop and was heavy enough to pad the corners against all but the most serious impact.

The vendor is Burton Lysecki Books, of Winnipeg. If I ever get out that way, you can rest assured that this is THE place I will stop and visit.

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