Sunday, 8 December 2013

the lucky coin has two sides

Sometimes you get lucky. I was recently able to acquire a 1952 vintage Myford ML7 lathe. It is in good shape for its age, but still requires some TLC before returning to active service. The lathe came with many accessories that were purchased by the original owner. generic ML7 info

(note: the entire machine had been greased instead of oiled - this proved to be a problem and the machine was shelved until space and time permit a full teardown)

Once I move into a larger workspace, the lathe will be set up and put to use. It has several advantages over the Taig lathe (small size is NOT one of them) including self-act longitudinal feed, screwcutting via changegears, and a geared headstock capable of low RPM parting & turning.

Model-specific reference texts were obtained from Camden Miniature Steam Services and the requisite English-spec gauges, taps, & dies from RDG Tools in the UK. Service was excellent from both vendors.

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