Sunday, 8 December 2013

pack mule

It's long past time for a change. This means departing the current residence and finding something more appropriate for an inveterate tinkerer and budding gardener.

The unfortunate side effect is that virtually every tool, except those suitable for domestic renovations, is packed away out of reach. This has been going on for long enough to cause withdrawal symptoms to kick in. Patching gypsum board, replacing electrical fixtures, and fitting trim around non-90° angles, is not an effective substitute for "proper" fabrication.

Subject to all basic requirements of a new home being met, the #1 priority for the new location is a proper workshop. The #2 priority is a good kitchen layout. Somewhere in there will be a library/reading room, a home cinema, and a place to sleep.

As far as a workshop goes, I'll actually need two. It is anticipated that many fabrication jobs will have to be undertaken to improve the new house. A good number of bespoke cabinets, shelves, and other wood furnishings will need to be designed and built. Experience has shown that woodworking and metalworking tools do not live well in the same space. Reference material has been gathered and sketches are under way to plan best use of expected available spaces (single car garage, basement room, shed, etc.)

(note: I got one workshop, which isn't big enough for either pursuit. The kitchen is likewise poor. Never mind the other problems :-) )

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